Ask questions about fundamental personal topics or ask here if you aren’t sure where your question belongs. Types of bank accounts, types of investing, budgeting, etc. If you’re starting your foray into personal finance, this is the place to start.


In high school or college trying to figure out how to start saving or investing? How much in student loans should I take out for college or graduate school? Get ahead of the curve here.


What career path should I choose - how to balance career growth, finances, and personal life. Get feedback on how to plan best for you and your family.

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Taking out your first mortgage or maybe adding another apartment for your real estate empire? Buying your first car? Going electric or combustion, which is cheaper long-term? Discuss questions about two of the most significant expenses most people experience.


You have cash saved up, but it’s sitting losing an ongoing battle against inflation. Learn and get advice on how to invest to bump up that net worth whether its stocks, mutual funds, bonds, RSU, options, etc.


Most people don’t plan on staying in the rat race forever. Discuss retirement plans, what options are available, and how to prepare for early retirement.

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